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About Us

Court & Tribunal 

Jacquard Henderson provides professional advocacy for clients appearing before various courts, boards and tribunals. Our courteous associates handle many specialized legal matters privately and professionally. You can expect us to respond to your demands promptly and efficiently with the highest integrity and financially competitive. Litigation costs are rising at the same time as is the demand for access to the legal system, creating increased opportunities for paralegals. 


Small Claims Litigation

We assist in the administration and management of asset recovery and past-due accounts whether liquidated or unliquidated. Jacquard Henderson's practice includes but is not limited to financial, insurance, collections and breach of contract. Additionally, we can structure a block-fee or contingent fee retainer, dispensing with an hourly rate to provide service to clients based on an agreed upon schedule.

From initial credit review, demand letter, claim, judgment, enforcement, Jacquard Henderson is experienced to effectively weigh the risks of pursuing litigation or early resolution. 

Landlord & Cooperative Representation

Offering a broad range of services Jacquard Henderson assists landlords and cooperatives of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver responsive, timely advice on landlord and tenant issues as well as co-op and member issues.

Our courteous associates are experienced to handle your legal matters privately and professionally. You can expect us to respond to your demands promptly and efficiently with the highest quality advice at competitive rates. We provide important advocacy services for clients appearing before the Landlord and tenant Board.


Provincial Offences Court 

Jacquard Henderson  provides  representation of Highway Traffic Act charges and many other charges under various provincial statutes. Representation has its benefits and gives you peace of mind that your rights are safeguarded and exercised at advantageous moments.


We analyze all aspects of your case, including analysis of your infraction for fatal flaws and preparation of a full and prosperous defense including case law research. 


Credit Repair